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Okinawa Prince Hotel Wellness in Okinawa August 2022

The newly opened Okinawa Prince Ocean View Ginowan Resort Hotel is excited to announce a very special Wellness Event for its guests this August with MANTHAN Wellness founder Maneesh Kalra.

Join us at this beautiful resort August 20,21,27 and 28 for a rejuvenating experience overlooking the pristine Okinawa Ginowan waters. It’s time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and there is no place like Okinawa to refresh and recharge.

The gorgeous poolside will provide the ideal backdrop for this magical event.

【MANTHAN Wellness Program Schedule】

Class 1: 7:00~7:45A.M.(45 min)Gentle morning stretching and breathing

Class 2: 8:00~8:45A.M.(45 min)Morning yoga flow to get the blood moving!

Class 3: 9:30~10:15P.M.(45 min)Nightime yoga for better sleep

There is plenty of relaxation awaiting you after yoga at the indoor bath, stone sauna and more.

And a host of marine activities and summer fun await you after yoga in and around the resort to make this summer an unforgettable one.

MANTHAN Wellness offers corporate wellness programs, retreats, offsites and a host of customized workshops and events for all of your corporate needs. Contact us below for details and to set up an appointment.


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