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Wellness & Resilience Training

The MANTHAN Wellness Assessment (MWA)

Why Careful Assessment is Essential

  • Corporate wellness training programs have the potential to transform a company.

  • However no two firms, departments nor teams are alike.

  • By accurately assessing wellness gaps and needs in a specific group of employees or managers, training programs can be better targeted to provide results.

Sign of the Times


"76% of workers experience burnout."
Source: 2020 Gallup survey

CDC logo.png

"Anxiety tripled and depression quadrupled in 2020."
Source: CDC

The MANTHAN Wellness Assessment (MWA)

The MWA is a comprehensive and holistic questionnaire created to elucidate the key areas of wellness on which training and support should be focused. In-depth analysis of the results allow for:

  1. Data-driven strategies for customising training programs

  2. Measurable before/after comparisons to determine efficacy of programs

  3. Clear inputs to further refine programs as needs evolve

Six Dimensions of Wellness

6Dimensions of Wellness.png

Credit: National Wellness Institute

  • Wellness is multidimensional and holistic by nature.

  • Our assessment builds upon the Six Dimensions of Wellness to capture the wellness profile of an individual or group.

Our Approach & Methodology

Robust Assessment

The MWA goes far deeper than typical surveys to fully create an accurate and robust snapshot of a participant’s:

  1. Current state of wellness across the various key dimensions

  2. Understanding of wellness and its various facets

  3. Aspirations of wellness versus reality of actual daily routines

  4. Beliefs and attitudes towards personal and professional life

Beyond Assessing

The MWA is creatively designed to do much more than assess:

  1. Inspire curiosity in areas of life participants may never have placed importance

  2. Encourage participants to take initiative in their own wellbeing

  3. Help HR and managers better understand the scope and incredible potential of wellness initiatives in the workplace


Assessment Consultation

Contact our team to learn more about the MANTHAN Wellness Assessment (MWA) and how it can benefit your company’s wellness initiatives.

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