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Founder Profile

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Maneesh Kalra BSc. Pharmacology, MBA

Maneesh blends over three decades of experience in wellness, yoga, mindfulness and meditation with his first-hand knowledge of issues facing corporate executives and employees. As a former senior executive at Goldman Sachs in Tokyo and Hong Kong, Maneesh turned to his yoga and meditation training for peak individual performance, to reduce employee attrition and to keep his staff calm, resilient and focused even under the most challenging and stressful situations. And, as CEO and advisor for many firms operating internationally, his training has helped him to overcome cultural and communication barriers and bridge gaps in business practices. 


Over the past 15 years, Maneesh has drawn on these experiences to guide CEOs in transition, help HR boost employee engagement and joy, train leaders in empathy for diversity and inclusion, and inspire accountants, architects, bankers, educators, salespeople, engineers, researchers, doctors, designers and many others to make wellness routines an indelible part of their lives.

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