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Wellness & Resilience Training

It's time to stop, breathe and go inside

First, The Bad News:
~Even before COVID-19~

  • “A wandering mind is an unhappy mind” according to Harvard Researchers in study of 5000 people in 83 countries (Harvard)

  • Minds not focused on work -  the phenomenons knows as absenteeism & presenteeism -  costs over 30% in productivity and profitability (ACCJ)   

  • 2 out of 3 full-time workers experience burnout 

・60% more likely to get sick 

・2.6 times more likely to resign (Gallup)


"Employees that are disengaged  in the workplace cost U.S. companies a loss of up to $550 billion in annual revenues.

Source: FORBES

Now The Good News:

  • Studies have shown that corporate wellness programs incorporating yoga, mindfulness and meditation are key to:

    • Managing stress & strengthening resilience and immunity

    • Improving concentration, creativity & productivity

    • Enhancing personal and professional relationships

    • Creating happier, more resilient and more content individuals

  • Quick Results 
    Just eight (8) weeks of meditation results in
    significant reduction in brain’s reaction to stress
    (Harvard Gazette, 2018)

Amygdala MRI Harvard Gazette.jpg

Changes in the amygdala of the brain showing a better, more controlled response to stressful stimuli  have been demonstrated after just 8 weeks of meditation training. 

Source: Harvard Gazette

Yoga and meditation have become even more critical post pandemic


"The Head-Heart Connection:  Common mental health disorders are linked to a higher risk of heart attack and stroke.”

Source: Harvard Medical Health Dec. 2018


“During this pandemic some patients have expressed they’re dealing with stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. We discuss techniques to improve their mental and emotional wellness, which carries over to their cardiovascular health.” 

Source: Journal of Invasive Cardiology Jan. 2021

Sunrise at Fuji.JPG

Benefits of Yoga & Meditation

For Individuals:

  1. Reduced mental stress & anxiety → linked to reduction in depression, heart disease and much more

  2. Reduced headaches, back, neck and other acute and chronic physical pain 

  3. Increased energy

  4. Better, deeper sleep

  5. Improved eating habits and weight reduction

  6. Enhanced concentration, cognitive agility & creativity

  7. Increased resilience to change & adaptability

  8. Improved Emotional Intelligence (EI) and empathy

  9. Increased job (and life!) satisfaction

  10. Enhanced Overall Wellbeing & Happiness

For Organizations:

  1. Enhanced employee morale

  2. Reduced absenteeism, turnover & sick days

  3. Reduced presenteeism

  4. Increased productivity

  5. Improved communication, collaboration & teamwork

  6. Enhanced client relationship management

  7. Better decision-making  

  8. Increased innovation

  9. Enhanced reputation - a company that cares for its employees

  10. Improved corporate culture - a strong, positive and empowered workplace

Customized Solutions

Each organization is like an individual with its own specific needs. Our experienced guides will work with your team to assess needs, determine short and long term goals, and formulate the best approach to meet these goals.

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