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Wellness & Resilience Training

Wellness & Team-Building Offsites & Retreats

What is Manthan?

Manthan is a reference to the ‘Churning of the Ocean’ story found in India’s great tradition of mythology. 

We ‘churn’ the ocean of the mind through meditation, mindfulness, breathing and other techniques to find clarity, purpose and strength - the backbone of a happy and fulfilling life.


Smash the Paradigm

Through churning, we shift  from:

  • constant distraction to consistent Focus

  • running around to finding Stillness

  • quantity to Quality

  • production & presenteeism to Purpose & Presence


“All those hours exploring the great outdoors made me more resilient and confident.”
– David Suzuki 
(Canadian academic, science broadcaster, and environmental activist)


Corporate Wellness

Executive / Leadership Team Offsites

Management Wellness Training

Employee Wellness Retreats

Team-building & Engagement Offsites

Resilience Training

Resetting & Rejuvenating Programs


There is nothing like breathing in crisp, clean air or taking a light stroll through the majestic forests of the Canadian Rockies or the moss-covered trails of Japan's mystical Yakushima island to clear the mind, refresh and reset.  Better yet, start the day with some rejuvenating yoga and add in some outdoor team-building activities to build camaraderie and get the creative juices flowing.  Just a few hours with our wellness team in the great outdoors will help your team bond and give them a new-found drive, focus and excitement they can take back to the workplace! 

We have taken the invaluable learning of our Corporate Wellness Training Programs to curate customised domestic and international Corporate Wellness Retreats. These retreats provide a fun and effective way to:

  • Reduce Anxiety, Stress & Burnout

  • Experience Self-Awareness and Mindfulness

  • Cultivate sound Health, Wellness and Resilience-building routines

  • Hone Concentration, Cognitive Agility and Creativity

  • Learn about the Science of Wellness

  • Create Empathy, Stronger Bonds and encourage Teamwork & Engagement


​Participants leave not only refreshed and inspired but also with the skills and a practical, take-home plan to inject wellness into their daily lives!

Unlock your team's full potential by giving them the gift of well-being. 

Contact us today to learn more about our customised Wellness Retreats.


Some of Our Most Popular Retreat Destinations






  • TOFINO, B.C.






...and many more!

Sample Sessions
~Creating happier, healthier, more engaged and fulfilled leaders and employees.~

The Science of Wellness

DURATION: 60min.

Mindfulness & Meditation training have become staples in the business world as a key activity to support employee wellness.

This fun, introductory session is designed to educate participants on the science behind mindfulness and how it works. Our goal is to inspire beginners and more advanced practitioners alike to cultivate regular practice and apply mindfulness to daily life.

The session is a combination of lecture, individual mindfulness practice and pair work.  Participants will get a taste of our cornerstone offering, the MANTHAN Corporate Wellness Training Program, designed by founder and long-time meditation and mindfulness guide, Maneesh Kalra.

(Right: Mind of a Meditator, Ricard et al., Scientific American, Nov. 2014)

Brain on Meditation_Cycle_Infographic.jpg
Copy of Copy of IMG_6653.HEIC

Mindfulness Practice

DURATION: 45min.~ per topic

These sessions are all about experiencing the benefits of mindfulness through practice.  Topics covered include resilience, empathy, unconscious bias, mindful listening and other areas that are key to encouraging healthy interpersonal relationships。

We use a combination of lecture, discussion, and games along with  techniques for better posture, concentration, breathing and mindful living to help participants go inside themselves and, ultimately, better see themselves. Through this process, participants are better able to understand unconscious habits and biases; a key step in changing how one relates to the world.

Ayurvedic Approach to Healthy Eating

Karuizawa offsite meeting Manthan Wellness

DURATION: 60min.

Ayurveda is a 5000 year old practice of traditional Indian medicine founded on the 'tridosha' theory.  The three 'dosha' represent physical/mental constitutions. Ayurveda recommends food and other lifestyle choices as well as curative therapies that match one's individual constitution and their current environment.

In this session, we look at simple assessment techniques, use them to understand our personal 'dosha' and learn how we can choose diet and other lifestyle choices that promote our individual health and wellbeing, improve immunity and help us ward of disease.

Karuizawa offsite meeting  manthan wellness

Mindful Eating


Many of us, on a daily basis, get unconsciously pulled into 'emotional eating'. We eat because of stress, or to reward ourselves or for comfort rather than to satisfy hunger or get necessary nutrition. Emotional eating can have a negative impact on our physical and mental health as well as on our relationships.  Understanding our patterns and shifting towards "Mindful Eating' can be a life-saver.

'Mindful Eating' is also an invaluable tool in keeping us physically healthy by making us conscious not just about our food choices but also how we eat, digest and assimilate these food.

In this session participants will gain knowledge about emotional and mindful eating through a lecture-discussion, and they will also engage in a physical, mindful eating experience.

Body & Breathwork for Rebalancing


Add this fun, interactive physical session between meetings to help re-energize and re-focus participants. We customize these classes based on the needs of the group providing everything from slow, relaxing stretches to strong, challenging practices.

We also offer a variety of sessions for specific needs.  Topics include:

・Chair yoga you can do at your desk

・Stretches for lower back pain, stiff shoulders and neck

・Yoga for golfers

・Breathing for better, deeper sleep

・Breathing practices for improving energy

・Breathwork for boosting immunity

Outdoor Group Yoga
Mindful Walking

Mindful Walking (Walking Meditation)

DURATION: 60min.~half day

Mindful walking is a great way to hone the basic tools of mindfulness while getting some sunshine and fresh air.  Experience all the natural beauty the area has to offer through new eyes with our mindful mountain, waterfall, beach or lake excursions. And we can add outdoor yoga, sitting meditation, earthing/grounding, or other seasonal activities to the program.

Courses are customised to the interests and abilities of participants and to match overall retreat schedule.

Other Outdoor Activities

DURATION: 60min.~half day

We offer a variety of other outdoor activities based on participant interest and the season.

Sample Activities:

・Guided Exploration & Adventure

・Cycling & Mountain-biking 

​・Ice Skating & Cross-country skiing

・Farm Experiences

・Guided Bird & Animal Viewing

・Ecology & Environment Sessions

Team Building Adventures

Unlock your team's full potential by giving them the gift of well-being. 

Contact us today to learn more about our customised Wellness Retreats.

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