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Breathing life into every moment


As a mining company, we make safety and health our top priority. Especially in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we believe it’s important to support our employees in terms not only of physical health and safety, but also mental health and wellbeing. We found Maneesh’s (virtual) session for our Japan team on Yoga and Mindfulness a great introduction to cultivating awareness to stay calm and grounded in these uncertain and stressful times, and were happy to learn some concrete, simple breathing exercises and poses that we can practice in our everyday lives.


General Manager Corporate Relations, Rio Tinto Japan Ltd.


We were so happy we were able to provide our staff with support and training of this kind, and we really see the results of the program that Maneesh and his team delivered. We will be continuing with the course and also look for new ways to help our staff to be happy and healthy in this ‘new normal. 

Head of Employee Wellness, Philips Japan


It would be difficult for me to measure how important Maneesh’s lessons have been for me over the past several years, but never more so than in the first half of 2020.  There are the obvious physical benefits, but more importantly, the lessons in mindfulness and meditation have sharpened my ability to concentrate and to multitask beyond what I thought possible.  And all while maintaining a degree of calmness I hadn’t known.  Often, when I hear words like ‘meditation’ and ‘mindfulness’, I retreat.  I have little time for that which is ‘fluffy’.  Maneesh, as a former investment banker and hockey player, understands how initially off-putting the hippy-dippy elements can indeed be.  Thankfully, they are there only if you want them.  If not, you get a transformative introduction to a better version of yourself without the granola

Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific (Ex Greater China), Savills Co., Ltd.

Our Clients & What They Are Saying About MANTHAN

What MANTHAN Training Program Participants Are Saying


Thanks to the regular sessions with MANTHAN, 

I now find happiness in even the smallest of things.


I rarely paid heed to my physical and mental wellbeing until I took this course. 

I can now look inside myself.


This course helped me to understand ‘awareness’ and how to use it. 

And, this has changed my life!

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