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Introducing all new MANTHAN Corporate Wellness Programs!

Amidst the unprecedented changes and disruptions to our work and personal lives, constraints in being able to spend time with friends and family, and restrictions on our ability to travel and do many of the things that used to give us so much joy, many are feeling the impact both mentally and physically.

According to an early 2020 Gallup survey, 76% of workers experience burnout.

A study by the CDC showed that anxiety tripled and depression quadrupled in 2020.

Companies, already struggling to cope with growing absenteeism, presenteeism, and burnout, are now faced with the additional pressures of employee illness and turnover and their cumulative hit on productivity and the bottomline.

The Good News

Studies from around the world have shown that corporate wellness programs incorporating yoga, mindfulness and meditation are key to

Managing stress & strengthening resilience and immunity

Improving concentration, creativity & productivity

Enhancing personal & professional relationships and engagement

Creating happier, more content individuals

Introducing MANTHAN Wellness!

We established MANTHAN Wellness to help companies, communities and institutions better equip themselves with the knowledge and effective techniques to support the wellbeing and happiness of their employees & members; to help us all find 'peace of mind'.

And we have found that happy and healthy members make not only better companies and institutions but also better communities as they spread their newfound energy and happiness all around - with vendors, customers, partners, and of course back at home and in their communities.

Corporate Wellness by MANTHAN

MANTHAN bridges authentic yoga, mindfulness and meditation teachings with the modern needs of complex, global companies. Founder Maneesh Kalra blends over three decades of experience in yoga and meditation with his first-hand knowledge of issues facing corporate executives and employees. As a former senior executive at Goldman Sachs in both Tokyo and HK, Maneesh turned to his yoga and meditation training for peak performance and to stay calm, resilient and focused even under the most challenging and stressful situations. MANTHAN programs draw upon these experiences, merging the esoteric with down-to-earth practicality.

What We Do: If your company or group is looking to hold events, activities related to health and wellbeing, physical and/or mental, we are here to help. We have extensive experience working with groups of all sizes to find fun and novel ways to motivate employees & members to become healthier and happier.

MANTHAN Offerings

Wellness Assessment

Wellness Consulting

Lectures, Workshops & Webinars on Key Topics

Six-18 Month Courses

Corporate Off-Sites & Retreats

Customised Courses & Packages

MANTHAN: "Wellness in Action"

Our approach is to offer hands-on, experiential training. So while we do provide knowledge and insight, research and data on a variety of wellness topics, we encourage participants to be active. Knowing a technique is a start but practicing and making the technique a part of one’s life is what gives results!

Some of our Wonderful Clients

For client & program participant testimonials, visit:

To learn more about Corporate Wellness and to book a presentation for your company email contact us at here

Read about us here: Media: Japan Today Article

You can’t buy peace of mind but you can train it.



MANTHAN Wellness


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