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Wellness & Resilience Training

It's not the number of breaths you take, but the amount of life in each breath

MANTHAN Offerings

Wellness Strategy Consulting

Wellness Lectures, Workshops & Webinars

Foundational Wellness Training

Corporate Wellness for

Team-Building & Employee Engagement

CEO & C-Suite Integration & Acceleration

Wellness for Healthcare Workers & Educators

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  • Take live online sessions from the office or the comfort of your own home

  • Review video recordings of missed sessions at your convenience

Customized Solutions

Each organization is like an individual with its own specific needs. Our experienced wellness consultants will work with your HR team and managers to:


  1. Assess needs with the MANTHAN Wellness Assessment (MWA)

  2. Determine short and long-term goals 

  3. Formulate best approach to meet these goals

  4. Measure outcomes and efficacy of programs

Cultivate Awareness, Share Techniques & Tools, Inspire New Routines


Body Awareness

Caring for the Vessel of our Experiences

  • Physical stretches & poses

  • Expand awareness throughout body
  • Create better balance

Breath Awareness

Calm the breath, calm the mind

  • Breath control practices
  • Generate better, smoother breathing
  • Create harmony between breath, body, & mind

Mind Awareness

Getting out of the Matrix!

  • Meditation techniques
  • Cultivate introspection & stillness
  • Enhance Emotional Intelligence

The Awareness Trinity

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