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Breathing Life into Every Moment

Manthan Mindfulness & Meditation

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Wellness & Resilience Training for Companies, Communities, and Leaders

Manthan = "Churning"

Refers to the "Churning of the Ocean’ story found in India’s great tradition of mythology  


Churn: the Ocean of the Mind - via meditation, mindfulness, controlled breathing

Find: Clarity, Purpose & Strength - the backbone of a Happy and Fulfilling life


Why Churn?

As children - we learned how to read, write, and do

As adults - we got jobs or started companies; we continued down the path of doing

We learned ‘how’  BUT We never learned: 

Why are we doing this? Are we connected to a deep sense of Purpose


The Ancients knew Churning the Ocean was necessary to find true, sustained Happiness in life. 


​In Japanmanthan  becomes mantan = ‘a full tank’  When we breathe well and think well, we feel well and we are filled with energy!

Fire it Up!


“It’s not the amount of breaths we take but the amount of life in each breath.”



As a mining company, we make safety and health our top priority. Especially in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we believe it’s important to support our employees in terms not only of physical health and safety, but also mental health and wellbeing. We found Maneesh’s (virtual) session for our Japan team on Yoga and Mindfulness a great introduction to cultivating awareness to stay calm and grounded in these uncertain and stressful times, and were happy to learn some concrete, simple breathing exercises and poses that we can practice in our everyday lives.

~Jennifer Sakaguchi, General Manager Corporate Relations, Rio Tinto Japan Ltd.

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