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We are in this Together

Who We Are

     Tri-Cultural, Multilingual, Multifaceted

  • Yoga & Meditation, Western Science and Corporate Experience blended into One Unified Voice

  • Culturally diverse with Authentic roots (India) + Western educated (Canada) + Eastern corporate & teaching (Japan)

  • Practitioners & Instructors → with tens of thousands of hours of practice over 3 decades, 20 years plus of teaching thousands of individual and corporate clients



What We Do

    We Use Ancient Eastern Teachings to Transform:

  • Workplaces into ecospheres that promote mental and physical wellbeing

  • Employees into inspired, resilient individuals with purpose,  direction and vitality

  • Employers into pillars of community wellness while positively impacting their bottom line

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Smash the Paradigm

Let's Churn to move from:

  • Constant distraction to consistent Focus

  • Running around to finding Stillness

  • Quantity to Quality

  • Production & presenteeism to Purpose

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