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Team Manthan

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Maneesh Kalra

Maneesh offers a unique insight into the world of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. 
Maneesh grew up firmly established in the roots and philosophy of Yoga. A degree in pharmacology gave him an insight into the human body from a scientific standpoint and his passion for sports made him a lifelong student of physiology, function and movement.
After MBA school, Maneesh moved to Asia to join the investment bank Goldman Sachs.  First in Tokyo and then Hong Kong, his experiences in the corporate world made Maneesh a more well-rounded yoga instructor and mindfulness coach. He can relate to those who are busy with life in this fast-paced, often overwhelming world, yet are in search of a more permanent contentment and peace.
Maneesh left the corporate world and returned to India in pursuit of further studies in yoga, Ayurveda (ancient Indian medicine), and Sanskrit. Since returning to Japan in 2009, Maneesh has been sharing his insights both domestically and abroad, offering classes, retreats, workshops as well as corporate lectures and seminars on yoga, meditation, mindfulness and wellness.
His Indian roots and knowledge of Indian yoga & meditation and his two decades of living in Japan give his teaching an authenticity and relatability that cannot be denied. It is rare to find a teacher with a mix of cultural, educational, physical, and linguistic experiences to bring together the ancient and modern, East and West, the spiritual and the scientific.


Chie Oomori
Wellness Consultant & Senior Guide

From her extensive corporate experience working for a domestic electronics manufacturer, in venture businesses and with international companies, Chie has realized an essential truth: to keep an entire organization healthy and produce results, regardless of the size and maturity of the organization, each individual must have compassion and positive feelings. Chie has found yoga and mindfulness to be the ideal vehicles to improve mental and physical balance as well as social health in today's world of constant change and stress.


Akiko Iwata
Wellness Consultant & Senior Guide

Akiko is a Tokyo native who has a wide array of business experience across a variety of industries including manufacturing, trade, pharmaceutical, telecommunications. After discovering yoga and the power of mindfulness, attention and awareness, she found a new mission in life: to help people tap into their emotional intelligence (EI) and cultivate empathy.  Akiko strives to help people realize that although we live in a constantly changing world we can  maintain mental and physical health and lead happy and productive lives. 

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