The only thing that gives
True peace of mind
peace of mind

Wellness Consulting & Training 

For Corporates, Communities & Leaders

When was the last time you stopped and did nothing?
And that means really nothing.
When did you last put down your phone or put your computer aside?
And just sat in silence. Allowing the ‘mental chatter’ to slowly dissipate?


Wellness routines & techniques are skills we can train to help us:

  • Slow down

  • Quiet the mind

  • Unwind stresses & pains in the body and mind 

The result is a healthier, happier and more resilient You.

In an ever-changing world of stresses seen and unseen, Manthan Wellness is here to help.

We can’t stop the world from changing but we can prepare ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally to better handle whatever comes our way.


Manthan Wellness has just been featured in Japan Today's article (16th April 2021)


Customized Solutions

Each organization is like an individual with its own specific needs. Our experienced wellness consultants will work with your team to assess needs, determine short and long term goals, and formulate the best approach to meet these goals.

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It would be difficult for me to measure how important Maneesh’s lessons have been for me over the past several years, but never more so than in the first half of 2020.  There are the obvious physical benefits, but more importantly, the lessons in mindfulness and meditation have sharpened my ability to concentrate and to multitask beyond what I thought possible.  And all while maintaining a degree of calmness I hadn’t known.  Often, when I hear words like ‘meditation’ and ‘mindfulness’, I retreat.  I have little time for that which is ‘fluffy’.  Maneesh, as a former investment banker and hockey player, understands how initially off-putting the hippy-dippy elements can indeed be.  Thankfully, they are there only if you want them.  If not, you get a transformative introduction to a better version of yourself without the granola

Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific (Ex Greater China), Savills Co., Ltd.


“It’s not the amount of breaths we take

but the amount of life in each breath.”