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Wellness & Resilience Training

The only thing that gives peace of mind is peace of mind

What is Manthan?

Manthan is a reference to the ‘Churning of the Ocean’ story found in India’s great tradition of mythology. 

We ‘churn’ the ocean of the mind through meditation, mindfulness, breathing and other techniques to find clarity, purpose and strength - the backbone of a happy and fulfilling life.


Smash the Paradigm

Through churning, we shift  from:

  • Constant distraction to Sustained Focus

  • Unabated stress to Finding Stillness

  • Errors & Delays to Efficiency & Quality

  • Absenteeism & Presenteeism to Purpose, Presence & Productivity


Improve Communication & Decision-Making

  • Engender emotional intelligence, empathy and purpose

  • Enhance communication between employees and with management

  • Improve cooperation, teamwork, conflict resolution & decision-making

Increase Morale, Resilience & Adaptability

  • Improve employee morale, well-being and overall satisfaction

  • Increase resilience by equipping participants to deal with sudden change and other stress

  • Reduce turnover & sick days

Create Happier, Healthier  Individuals

  • Instill lifestyle routines that support good physical and mental health

  • Cultivate correct perspective

  • Foster sense of purpose and contribution to the community

We Are All In This Together

Who we are

Tri-Cultural, Multilingual, Multifaceted

  • Experts in Wellness, Yoga and Meditation

  • Rooted in Western Science & Eastern Medicine

  • Decades of International Corporate experience

  • Multilingual & Culturally diverse

  • Over two decades of teaching thousands of individuals and corporate clients


What we do

We Use Ancient Eastern Teachings to Transform:

  • Workplaces into ecospheres that promote mental and physical wellbeing

  • Employees into inspired, resilient individuals with purpose,  direction and vitality

  • Employers into pillars of community wellness while positively impacting their bottom line

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